Almost Heresy

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Awhile back, I made friends with an atheist. Not just someone who doesn’t attend church and doesn’t know enough to refer to themselves as an … Continue Reading

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As you may have noticed by perusing my blog here, I tend to spend a good amount of time talking about what the Bible says… … Continue Reading

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(Most of this post is taken from a letter I once wrote to a friend.)
It has been a little over a year now since the … Continue Reading

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If you’ve spent much time around this site, you are probably familiar with other posts that I’ve done on the problem of evil, as well … Continue Reading

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Once upon a time, there was young man who was a bit of a theology nerd, and cared a lot about thinking and getting others … Continue Reading

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Today I get the great pleasure of sharing a guest post from one of my all-time favorite theologians. Alexander has his Bachelor’s in Philosophy and Religious … Continue Reading

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Awhile back I wrote a post or two about how I think certain superlatives, such as “infinite,” are ill-suited for describing God. Along those lines, … Continue Reading

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Howdy there, friends!
Sorry I’ve been so sparse on posting lately. It’s summer now (as I’m sure you’ve noticed), and between cookouts, camping, the 4th of … Continue Reading

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There’s a quirky thing that we sometimes do in evangelical Christianity called “life verses.”  It’s when you pluck a verse or short passage out of the … Continue Reading

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The approach to Theodicy I have proposed attempts at three things: 1) honesty, 2) humanity, 3) faithfulness to a Scriptural understanding of Jesus of Nazareth … Continue Reading