So, do you remember when Facebook started doing the newsfeed thing (probably not because there were only like 20 of us on Facebook back then) and everyone threw a fit, but now if they took it away we would all get upset because we would have to visit all of our friends’ profile pages to see what they were doing?  And do you remember when Twitter got started and everyone said it was dumb because it was the same thing as Facebook statuses, but a ton of people who were skeptical now have Twitter accounts because they realized that it can connect people in ways that Facebook can’t?  And do you remember how last spring Netflix lost 1,800 titles and we all thought about canceling our subscription, but now we’re glad they did because there really wasn’t much left to watch on Netflix before that anyhow and now we have a whole bunch of cool new shows and movies available to us?  And do you remember a few months back when Apple came out with the new iOS 7 software and everyone with an iPhone hated it because it looked different and there was that one new thing that you didn’t know how to do, but when you really stop to think about it it’s a pretty sweet upgrade because (if nothing else) it protects against theft better, the battery lasts longer, and the new Control Center function is going to save you a ton of hassle in the future?

Well, I’ve decided that this whole new movement in Christianity is kind of like all of that.  At first, everyone doesn’t know what to do with it.  Some people will be all for it, some people will rage against it, some people will just shrug their shoulders and accept it, and the rest will grumble for a while but still go along with it.  But in the end we’ll all look back and say, “You know what?  That was actually a pretty good idea.  I’m glad we did that.”

… and then you’d be upset if we went back to the way things use to be.

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Rocky Munoz
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