Awhile back I was making origami flowers and listening to Disney songs on YouTube… you know, like you do… and I came across a song that I had completely forgotten about.  Now, to be fair, The Hunchback of Notre Dame came out in 1996.1  That’s seventeen years ago!  So, when I heard the song my first reaction was, “Wait, was that song always in that movie?”  And my second reaction was, “Wow… that is an amazing song!”

This little tune is called God Help the Outcasts, and every time I listen to it my eyes start to sweat.2  But, not only is this song aesthetically captivating, it is also terribly convicting.  Why?  Because it really does bring to light how incredibly selfish our prayers can be.

Think about how often our prayers are filled with requests for our own wants and desires.  How often do we petition God for more wealth, asking him to bless us?  How many of our prayers concerning our relationships are actually veiled expressions of our own desire to control and “possess” those we should love?  By contrast, how many of our prayers echo Esmeralda’s, asking little or nothing for ourselves, but crying out for mercy and help for those “less lucky than I”?

Please take some time to listen to this song, reflecting on how we pray.

“God help the outcasts, children of God!”

1: The Disney movie, not the book. That was published in 1831, which is a tad before my time and probably didn’t have all the beautiful music and talking gargoyles.

2: Not literally… that would be weird. Just a euphemism, folks.

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