I recently came across this question:

Even though you try to avoid politics, if you could give one piece of outside wisdom or advice to the political system in general, what would it be?

I’ll admit, at first it was difficult for me to come up with anything meaningful. It seemed like everything I could think of was too small. And this is, I think, because for any and all good that governments and politics can do, there is always something else that they are missing, overlooking, or neglecting. And that is because politics is about attacking symptoms, not the problems themselves.

Abortion is not the problem. That’s a symptom. The problem is young girls who feel as though they have no other options, or that their circumstances have conditioned things so that getting rid of their unborn child seems like the best option.

The problem is not poverty. That’s a symptom. The problem is greed, and our tendency to try to disguise it behind the mask of well-deserved prosperity.

The problem is not ISIS and terrorists. That’s a symptom. The problem is our inability as a species and a global community to handle the issue of theodicy, either in orthodoxy or orthopraxy.

And since politics is chiefly concerned with mitigating the symptoms of human fallenness, I find it to be far-and-away an impractical use of my time, resources, and energies.

Instead, if I were going to give one bit of advice to the political landscape as a whole, it would be this:

Insofar as is imaginably possible, de-shackle the church from the political system so that the church can get back to solving the problems that the political system is incapable of solving.

That is all.

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Rocky Munoz
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  1. Sean, March 27, 2015 at 11:58 am:

    @Rocky Does the church exist to ‘solve problems’ or to show people a way of living in spite of a world full of problems?

    • Rocky Munoz, March 27, 2015 at 9:34 pm:

      That is a great question, Sean!

      Personally, I do believe that our role as the church is to be active in bringing God’s kingdom into existence on this earth. Jesus used the language of attacking the gates of hades (Mt 16:18). There is a mentality within evangelical circles that all we as followers of Jesus are to do is bunker down and wait for God to save us from the world. But, as I see it in the New Testament, our job is actually to work toward seeing God’s reign manifested in the midst of the world.

      But, like I said, great question! What do you think?

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