Almost Heresy

In case you haven’t been around these here parts in some time, over the past few weeks Dr. Steven Davis has been fielding a number … Continue Reading

Today is part two of my interview with Dr. Steven Davis.  In case you missed it last time, Dr. Davis was my theology and apologetics … Continue Reading

As I’m sure some of you are already aware, there’s a devilish new addition to the usual lineup of holiday films this year.  Michael Dougherty, … Continue Reading

Few people, if any, have had as clear of an impact on how I do theology as Dr. Steven Davis.  Steve (he said I could … Continue Reading

You’d probably never guess it, but some people don’t like me.  I know, I know, it’s shocking.  I mean, have you met me?  What’s not to … Continue Reading

(Today’s guest post comes from my good friend, D.H. Coleson.  His writing is strong, unabashed, and probably really uncomfortable.  But we’d be remiss to ignore … Continue Reading

I have a two year old child that lives in our house (I don’t know how he got there).  Part of having a toddler means … Continue Reading

(This was initially a guest post that I did for my friend Jeremy, which he made some slight edits to.  You can go here to see … Continue Reading

I once had a series of conversations with a few cult members. (You know, a typical Tuesday.) They were very reasonable people. In fact, if … Continue Reading

Awhile back I wrote a post on where evil comes from, focusing particularly on demonic spiritual beings as a source of evil in our world. … Continue Reading