Almost Heresy

How does Christus Victor atonement square with Isaiah 53:10, which seems to teach that it was God who punished Jesus?
This is a really great question, … Continue Reading

Today, I want to talk to you about syncretism.  What is syncretism, you say?  I’m glad you asked.  Syncretism is the melding of different beliefs, … Continue Reading

Yesterday, I had a conversation over social media with a couple of people which roughly (very roughly) centered around the use of the word “biblical.”  … Continue Reading

The Part That Makes LGBs1 Uncomfortable
In case you missed it, last time I argued that there are only six passages in the Bible that deal directly … Continue Reading

So, recently one of my best friends got engaged to his boyfriend.  Yeah, you read that correctly.  His.  Boyfriend.  And almost immediately after you read … Continue Reading

A few years ago I wrote an article in a church newsletter in which I discussed the reaction of some people to the trailer of Rob Bell’s book, Love Wins. … Continue Reading

(This is the third and final part of this series. Part 1 dealt with why biblical inspiration doesn’t necessarily mean biblical inerrancy, and part 2 dealt … Continue Reading

(Yesterday I posted the first part of this series, discussing why I don’t think that belief in biblical inspiration forces an Inerrantist View. I recommend reading … Continue Reading

(I originally intended this to be one super long blog post, but to make things easier I’ve split it up into three smaller parts. This … Continue Reading

Well, if you recall my last post, I was dealing with the issue of whether or not it is a good theological practice to simply ask … Continue Reading