Almost Heresy

Hint: read parts one and two (and maybe the introduction) in this series first.

We are now on the third bullet point in the T.U.L.I.P. acronym, which … Continue Reading

I tend to be pretty skeptical about claims of the supernatural. I mean, in general I’m very much open to the idea of paranormal events. … Continue Reading

The main idea behind this blog post first came to me while I was in the midst of a grad school theology class on the … Continue Reading

If you’ve spent much time around this site, you are probably familiar with other posts that I’ve done on the problem of evil, as well … Continue Reading

Awhile back I wrote a post or two about how I think certain superlatives, such as “infinite,” are ill-suited for describing God. Along those lines, … Continue Reading

The approach to Theodicy I have proposed attempts at three things: 1) honesty, 2) humanity, 3) faithfulness to a Scriptural understanding of Jesus of Nazareth … Continue Reading

We’re continuing this guest series from my good friend, Matthew Simpson.  In case you’ve missed the series up to this point,  I would highly recommend going … Continue Reading

We finally get a break from the darkness, don’t we? Spring time is the season that Christians around the world celebrate Easter, or as I prefer … Continue Reading

Recently we celebrated the Triduum, the holy three-days of the Christian Liturgical Year, acknowledging Maundy Thursday, or Mandate Thursday (The Mandate being: Love One Another as … Continue Reading

Moving on From Anguish
Before we continue, I must be responsible and say that Rabbi David Blumenthal’s Theology of Protest is not the Jewish Theodicy; it … Continue Reading